Why It’s Important To Follow Safety Tips To Avoid A Concussion

Redwood City CA Concussion Doctor Explains Why It’s Important To Follow Safety Tips To Avoid A Concussion

Do you know what a concussion is? It is when you injure your brain by making it hit against the skull. This can happen from a blow to the head, or from a hard fall, colliding with another person during sports, or even in a car crash, as your head and body move back and forth in jarring motions as a result of impact. Concussions come in varying degrees of severity, but even mild concussions can have a dramatic effect on your body and your life. This is why it is important to follow safety guidelines and prevent or avoid concussions as much as possible.

You may think there are not a lot of ways to prevent concussions in your everyday life, but that is not true. For instance, you can prevent concussions while riding in a motor vehicle by always wearing seat belts, because they help to restrain the body during a collision, and they can reduce the impact of a crash on the body and brain. This is not only true for you, but it is also true for everyone who rides in your vehicle, so insist that all riders wear seat belts. In the case of children, make sure that you follow all laws when it comes to car seats, booster seats and seat belts.

Having a car seat or booster seat may seem cumbersome, especially in a small car, but they can help prevent more than just a concussion. Securing your child correctly in the proper seat can literally save their lives. Life is precious, and by following the law, you can preserve their lives, as well as prevent brain injury.

When riding a motorcycle or a bicycle, it is important to wear a helmet to protect your brain and prevent a concussion. Like car seats, helmets are tools which help to prevent injury, and should be used at all times, even if you think that they are uncomfortable to wear, or they make your head hot and sweaty, or they mess up your hair, they can help to save your life in the event of a collision, as well as prevent concussion in the event of minor crashes or falls from the motorcycle or bicycle.

When playing sports such as football, boxing or ice hockey, you must wear a helmet to protect your brain. The same applies when you take part in activities such as horseback riding, skiing or snowboarding. In these instances, concussions are a preventable injury. All you need to do is use safety equipment. Even if you do get a concussion while participating in these sports or activities, the concussion’s severity will be greatly reduced, and all by using something as simple (and as vitally important) as a helmet.

Some people think that safety equipment is unnecessary, or that injuries and accidents won’t happen to them. They are risking the health and function of their brains, and in some cases, they are risking their very lives.

There is no need to take unnecessary risks, when it is very easy to use safety equipment. You only have one brain, so it is always in your best interest to protect it. Whether it is a seat belt or a helmet, never forget to wear your protective gear.

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