Tips For Preventing Brain Injuries

Redwood City CA Concussion Doctor Share Tips For Preventing Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can be life changing, so it is very important that a person do whatever they can to prevent them from happening. You might wonder what you can do to prevent a brain injury. Let’s take a look at brain injuries, their causes and how best to prevent them.

What are brain injuries and how do they happen? Brain injuries are called concussions. They happen when the brain moves around inside the skull, and despite the fluid inside the skull, which normally acts as a shock absorber, the brain strikes the skull, causing bruising and injury. Brain injuries can happen from major events, such as a car crash, or a minor event, such as an incident of slipping and falling. Brian injuries can happen when people collide during group sports such as football, or single activities such as skiing.

You can injury your brain by falling off a bicycle. You can suffer a brain injury from seemingly innocuous events, such as colliding with another person on a busy sidewalk, or falling and whacking your head, even on something soft. For instance, a person could slip and fall on a tile floor, and instead of hitting their head very hard on that tile floor, they might break their fall by bouncing off of a couch.

They might consider the couch to be a soft item which would prevent a concussion, but in actuality brain injury can occur from the jarring motion of the fall itself, combined with the striking of the head on the couch, even though it is considerably softer than the tile floor. The point of this is to demonstrate that brain injuries can occur even if a person does not think the events could cause one. If you think you might have a brain injury, then you should make an appointment with your healthcare practitioner at once, to be checked out.

There are many ways in your everyday life that you can prevent brain injury in yourself as well as with your loved ones. First let’s look at the home. Wipe up spills promptly to avoid slip and fall incidents. Don’t run, to prevent collision. Make sure than your shower or tub has non-slip decals installed to no one slips and falls in the bathroom.

Now let’s look at the car, where we spend a lot of time. It seems common sense but it bears saying that everyone who rides in your vehicle must wear seat belts to prevent brain injuries during a rapid stop or collision. If you have small children, follow the law and use proper car seats or booster seats, for their safety during car travel. Finally, when playing group sports or participating in activities where falls are possible, use protective gear. This includes football, ice hockey, boxing, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing and horseback riding.

Above all, follow the advice of your healthcare practitioner. This applies before a brain injury to prevent them, and after a brain injury to prevent recurrence. Follow their guidelines for your optimal state of wellness, and to protect the health of your one and only brain. In the case of preventing brain injury, your good health is in your hands.

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