How To Recover From A Concussion

Redwood City CA Concussion Doctor Shares How To Recover From A Concussion

If you or someone you love has suffered a concussion, you may be wondering how the recovery process will be. How long will it take until you feel back to normal? How long will you need to restrict your normal activities? You may even have more questions. Let’s take a look at some common questions that many people have.

How long does it take to feel like your old self again? There is no straight answer to this question. Unfortunately, each person (and their concussion too) is unique. Each person has their own rate of recovery. Some people recover faster than others, and some people take more time. Still others try to do too much, too soon, and set themselves and their recoveries back, so it can take more time to get back to normal than it would.

Typically, people who have mild concussions return to their normal lives and activities in a shorter time frame than people who have more serious concussions. But if someone has a mild concussion and disregards it, or ignores the advice of their healthcare professional, then they can suffer setbacks or repeated brain injuries, which will extend their recovery time.

How long will you need to restrict your normal everyday activities? Again, this differs from person to person and depends upon the severity of the brain injury. But there are some things which apply to everyone. Right after a concussion, it helps the brain to rest and heal if a person does not take part in activities which use the eyes. This means no watching TV, no reading, no internet time, no playing on the small screens such as cell phone or tablet. It also means no handheld crafts which require concentration and focusing the eyes, such as knitting, crochet or cross stitch, to name a few. This can be very frustrating and feel very boring to the person who has the concussion. It is also frustrating if the person is tired, but is not advised to fall asleep for a certain amount of time. Talking may cause a headache, as well as listening to music.

Bright lights can also cause sensitivity, so it can be difficult to find an activity which allows for rest without over-stimulating the brain, yet which doesn’t bore the person to sleep. Most people find it helpful to put the TV on for background noise, but put a TV show or movie on which the person has seen before, so they just listen but do not feel the need to watch attentively. The person can lie on the couch, with lights dimmed and the volume of the TV lowered, and listen to the program. A caregiver can keep the person company, or go about their daily business while making sure to check on the person periodically, if the person gets a headache from talking.

Above all, when it comes to concussion recovery, it is imperative that the person listen to the suggestions of their doctor and/or concussion practitioner. By following the advice given to them, and by not doing the activities which are restricted, the person can help themselves to heal faster. If you have further questions, write them down so you don’t forget them, and then make an appointment with your practitioner so you can get the answers you seek.

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