Five Important Facts About Concussions

Redwood City CA Concussion Doctor Shares Five Important Facts About Concussions

Do you know someone who has experienced a concussion? Was it a friend or family member, or perhaps even yourself? No matter who in your life has experienced a concussion, there are five important facts about concussions that every person should know.

First, concussions can be caused by more than just falling and hitting your head. Many people have an image in their minds of a person falling and hitting their head on the ground, and experiencing a concussion. That is a way to get a concussion, but it is not the only way. If you have collided with a person, fallen off a bicycle, or have taken a tumble playing sports, you can get a concussion that way too.

In fact, the second thing you should know about concussions is that anything that you do that either strikes the head hard enough to cause the brain to hit the inside of the skull, or that causes the head to jerk back and forth and cause the brain to hit the inside of the skull can cause a concussion. A person can go jogging, collide with another jogger, and get a concussion. Yet if they only associate concussions with falling and hitting their head on concrete, they will not associate the symptoms they experience with concussion, and this can be harmful.

Third, concussions can start out seemingly mild and can get worse as time passes. A person with a concussion may behave normally, if not a bit dazed for a little while. It is important to monitor the person for worsening symptoms, such as excessive sleepiness or vomiting, which indicates a need to seek care. Some people with concussions lose consciousness, or are incoherent, or vomit immediately and it is obvious that they need emergency care. But everyone who is suspected of having a concussion must be observed for a period of time in case their symptoms worsen.

Fourth, children are at great risk for concussions, simply because they lose their balance more often than most adults. Most tumbles and spills are minor and the child will bound to their feet, unaffected. You do not need to worry that every tumble will result in a concussion for your child, but if it is a fall with a knock on the head, then watch for signs of a concussion to be safe.

Finally, the fifth important thing you should know about concussions is this: everyone should be aware of the warning signs of concussions. Everyone should know what to look for if someone hits their head, falls, collides or otherwise jerks their head hard enough to cause injury. First, look for coherence. Is the person aware of their surroundings? Can they answer simple questions such as their name or the date? Is their speech slurred? Can they stand or walk unsupported? If the answer to these questions is no, then they need to seek medical care because it is very likely that they have sustained a concussion.

You only have one brain and it is essential to take the best care of it. This means wearing protective gear during sports, and being careful after brain injury. For more information, make an appointment with your concussion care provider.

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